Guidelines To Consider When Undertaking A Procurement Process In Uganda

Often times business people ask themselves “Where did I go wrong?” when they miss out on a potential business deal. People get to lose out on opportunities, ventures, partnerships and tenders because they fail at fulfilling the right procedures to acquire them. One of the biggest challenges many contract bidders face is having to be tossed around here and there because they can’t measure up to the standards of being awarded some contracts and tenders after procurement processes. What many do not know is that there are laws that govern procurement processes in Uganda.

True, procurement processes that are marred with corruption, bribery and unprofessionalism tend to yield unfair decisions, especially having incompetent companies being awarded tenders and contracts. In so doing, qualifying bidders lose out on what would have been their big break. More so, the expected outcome of the works is not realized.

What the population needs to understand is that there are guidelines that should be taken into account and followed when bidding for contracts, especially government/public contracts. These guidelines are in three categories; Central Government Guidelines, EGP (Electronic Government Procurement)  Guidelines and Local Government Guidelines.

The Central Government guidelines are further divided into;

  • Guideline on Reservation Schemes to promote Local Content ( March 2018)
  • Notice to Issue Additional PPDA Guidelines in the Gazette
  • Guidelines on Admin Review Fees
  • Guideline 10 on use of Framework Contracts for Procurement of Supplies Work and Non Consultancy Services
  • Guideline 11 of 2014 on Guidance of Fees for Registration on Register of Providers
  • Guideline 9 2014 Pre-bid and Pre-proposal Meetings
  • Guideline 6 2014 Monthly Reports On Procurement and Disposal
  • Guideline 7 2014 Third Party Procurement Agents
  • Guideline 5 2014 Procurement And Disposal For Schools
  • Guideline 3 2014 Securities
  • Guideline 1 2014 Thresholds
  • Guideline 2 2014 Reference numbers
  • Guideline 12 of 2014 On How To Submit Responsive Bids

The EGP Guidelines – For all Entities covers all the guidelines to do with electronic forms of bids and contracts. These guidelines are further detailed in three parts.

The Local Government Guidelines are further divided into;

  • UPPC PPDA Local Government 23
  • LG Guidelines Preface
  • LG Guideline 1-8
  • LG Abbreviations
  • LG Guideline 9 and 10

It is therefore prudent for any party interested in bidding for any government contracts to follow all the guidelines to the dot.