Key Standard Notices In The Procurement Process

In the business world where information is easy to get, ignorance is a choice. Besides guidelines to be followed when bidding for government and/or Public contracts or tenders, one must understand that Standard Notices are part of the game. These notices entail important information, especially that which talks about the entire procedure and flow of events in the Procurement process. All interested parties must find it within themselves to be on alert so as to keep in the know of what is taking place.

  1. The Notification of Auction is one of the most important Standard Notices. It always contains the name of the procuring and disposing entity, location where the auction shall be conducted, date when it will take place and the time of occurrence. It should also be noted that in case the auctioneer publishes an alternative notice, it should be displayed on the procuring and disposing entity’s notice board.
  2. Another important Standard Notice is the “Best Evaluated Bidder Notice”. This Notice entails information about the best bidder; one that successfully goes through all the procurement process and emerges winner. This notice includes information about the Procurement Reference Number, Subject of Procurement, Method of Procurement, Name of Best Evaluated Bidder, Contract Price, Date of Display as well as Date of Removal. It should also be noted that display of this notice does not constitute an acceptance of the bid described or formation of a contract. Bid acceptance and formation of contract is always in accordance with the regulations.

Other Standard Notices include the following;

  • Shortlist Notice
  • Sale to Public Officials Notice
  • Procurement Contract Award Notice
  • Procurement Bid Notice
  • Pre-qualification Notice
  • Disposal Contract Award Notice
  • Disposal Bid Notice

All these nine Standard Notices are equally important in the procurement process. Both parties must promptly display or release all notices that lie in their jurisdiction for purposes of transparency and understanding. Bidders must also know that Standard Notices come as notifications and/or alerts that will only be available and subject to discussion for a specific period of time, after which they are removed from the Notice Boards. The onus is therefore on the concerned parties to follow and keep alert in case of any notifications.