URA launches ‘Kakasa’ Campaign

With the aim of allowing business men and women across Uganda to take full charge of their business’s from production, importation, consumption and through to record keeping. KAKASA which can be loosely translated as Be sure is meant to attract business owners to become tax payers. The tax authority started a series of implementation of tax compliance in two ways which was launched on 3rd February 2021.

Most crucial is digital tracking and the introduction of Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS). This is the Key initiative under the Domestic Revenue Mobilization Strategy that shall be used by all businesses to manage the issuance of e-receipts and e-invoices (Section 73A of the Tax Procedures Code Act 2014 as amended (Electronic Receipting and Invoicing)).
The system is designed to improve business efficiencies and reduce the cost of compliance through;
i. Improved record keeping among taxpayers,
ii. Ability to track and authenticate business transactions in real time for efficient
business management,
iii. Fast-tracking payment of refund claims using e-receipts or e-invoices given
that the information shall be available in the system,
iv. Elimination of the risk of physical loss of tax invoices as transactional data
since copies are digitally stored in the system.
v. Enabling URA avail taxpayers with prefilled tax returns in future to minimize
delays and costs involved in filling tax returns.

Secondly the voluntary disclosure extended to citizens who do not pay tax, an invitation that they become part of URA growing tax-paying family. The reward is no tax penalties and tax Weaver of the previous years of the business operation.