7 steps guide to register as a local provider on the e-Gp portal

Ever since the launch of the online procurement portal through which government will do business, PPDA it’s regulatory body in this field together with its partners have encouraged providers to register. In support of the local content bill, tenderjournal.com summarizes how a local provider or individual can register in seven steps with all relevant information one should not miss. They are the following;

Step 1
One should access the e-Gp portal by launching  egpuganda.go.ug on any Web browser.
Enter required information  as prompted  with a valid email address which will receive a verification link which must be clicked to proceed.
Local providers will enter their URSB registration number. Here the provider’s information if registered will auto publish on the website since these government parastatals are interlinked.
One is also prompted to enter their tax identification number. Here the provider’s information will also auto populate from the URA database.
The provider will also enter their NSSF number and name.

Step 2
Here where the operational documents and further identification of the entity is entered.

Company logo in PNG format and 2mb size (max)
Uploading the certificate of incorporation
Valid trading license
Tin certificate
Letter of authorization to show  the powers of attorney
Form 20 or form 7
Attach  any other documents that may be useful

Step 3
Address of the provider however this information must be already entered from information from URSB

Step 4
Financial information  of the provider is entered however this is not mandatory especially for start ups that are registering on to the portal.
In this section the owner and shareholders information  will also automatically have been populated.

Step 5
Business sector section is where the provider specifies which category they expect to supply. These include
The registering  provider can choose all categories.

Step 6

This step, the provider will enter their experience in the field of their choice. This step us also not mandatory especially for startups.
If one has experience to enter they should not forget the following:
i). enter project I’D
ii). organisation name
iii). project title
iv). contract sum
v). any relevant additional documents
All the above talk about the experience

Step 7
Here the provider can review the input information since its a checklist for confirmation before the provider submits their information to PPDA for verification  and validation.
Once one clicks agree, their status will be put on pending.
Here PPDA will take the initiative to activate the provider’s status.