The KCCA is in the final stages of awarding contracts for over five city roads, including Sir Apollo Kaggwa, Sentema, Seventh Street, Sentema, Old Portbell, Salaama roads, among others in the USD 288 million funded African Development Bank (AfDB) funded projects.
It’s reported that some bidders are in an uproar rubbishing  the credibility of the procurement process.
It is said that these are the gorilla tactics deployed by bidders to frustrate plans to improve Kampala’s infrastructure network.
To be implemented under 5 lots is the 70 kilometers worth projects which had two lots under evaluation, with some of the KCCA known contractors including China Railway No. 7, China Communications Construction Company among others going for the bidding process.

Part of the ammunition used are accusations against some of the top KCCA officials including Deputy Executive Director, Eng. David Ssali Luyimbazi, Eng. Mirembe Nnassuuna and George Makajuma a Transport engineer in the African Development Bank, who is part of the project team of favoritism and corruption.
Their dossiers have since been circulated on social media platforms especially WhatsApp.
Officials tell that  the evaluation process is still ongoing and Mr. Luyimbazi, who is part of the new team at KCCA under Executive Director Ms. Dorothy Kisakka is not part of the evaluation team understands that the bidders are uneasy after the KCCA top management asked the evaluation team to include bidders’ historical performance track record on previous contracts (both in Uganda and abroad with various organizations) as a top evaluation factor.

Mr Luyimbazi is said to have been part of the team that has overseen the process of ensuring that the bidding documents capture historical performance as an evaluation factor as the new management tries to ensure that contractors are responsive to their obligations including finishing projects on time.

Apart from that factor President Museveni’s recent order that contracts for construction of roads, schools and health facilities should go to the military. Has increased aggressiveness and hostility among different engineering firms.
Fights among road contractors, especially Chinese firms, have previously delayed major infrastructure projects most notably on  Karuma and Isimba dam construction.

As a remedy under PPDA procedures bidding wars can be addressed easily. The aggrieved bidders can seek the procurement manager veto through Administrative Review, or even go to the Procurement Tribunal for redress.