NMS inaugurate NMS plus system to increase Transperancy

National medical stores has rolled out its Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) system dubbed NMS+.  This digitalises the day to day business of procuring, accounting and ordering from NMS. Introduction of this system increases the accountability and transparency of the drug supply chain through out the country. Kicking off with about 278 health facilities including refferal hospitals and health center 4s’ out of almost 3000, NMS expects to over come challenges of too much paper work and increase its effectiveness in service delivery. Internet connection possibility being the highest huddle the agency will face, there is hope that within the next five years more health facilities will be able to use this system.

launched in 2019 and funded by USAID this project is meant to address issues related to drug theft that the government has been battling with for many years. this theft in turn makes the cost of health facilities expensive for the public. this system will also tackle the rumours of NMS delivering empty drug boxes to the various health facilities registered on the system.