President Kenyatta chooses to Endorse opposition leader for upcoming elections

President Kenyatta has opted for his successor choice as he decided to endorse opposition leader Raila Odinga for the upcoming elections for August 9th 2022.  He said Raila Odinga has the country at heart and he will therefore make the best decisions in governance.

He said Mr Odinga understood where the country was heading, and that he would therefore be at peace to hand him the “leadership mantle”.

Mr Odinga will vie under the Azimio la Umoja (Swahili for “pledge of unity”) alliance, which is made up of 10 parties, including his Orange Democratic Movement and Mr Kenyatta’s Jubilee.

The president’s backing of Mr Odinga has led to the political isolation of Deputy President William Ruto, who will also be seeking the presidency under the United Democratic Alliance.