Uganda Breweries to offer market for local apple farmers

More than 30,000 farmers are expected to supply apples to Uganda Breweries Limited(UBL) according to Joseph Kawuchi, the agrobusiness manager at Uganda Breweries Limited. Kawuchi says they are going to use apple as additional raw material in their production line opening up a big market for the local farmers.

He says UBL seeks to build a strong and resilient supply chain to satisfy the business’s annual demand for high-quality inputs like sorghum, barley, apple and cassava while empowering smallholder farmers.


Kawuchi said that UBL spends at least 35 Billion shillings annually in buying local brewing products. He added that UBL will also support farmers with seeds and technical guidance.

Grace Kasingati Fatima, the coordinator of apple commodity value chain under NAADS said they partnering with different companies which are sourcing for local materials for their products to open up a wider market for Ugandan farmers.

She added that more than half of the apple and its products in Uganda’s markets is imported.

John Kimadi, the chairperson Kasese Apple Growers says the availability of a wider and better market will encourage more people to join the business and the current farmers to improve on quality.

But Kimadi wants a memorandum of understanding with UBL so that farmers can be assured of prices and the availability of a steady market.

Kimadi also calls for skilling of both the farmers and extension workers noting that the latter have limited knowledge on good apple agronomic practices.

Uganda is promoting apple production under NADDS programme in the highlands of Kigezi, Rwenzori, Sebei, Bukedi and Bigisu sub regions